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Have you ever searched for some very important document or a letter in your old leather portfolio, where heaps of assorted papers usually live for years in more or less (most likely – less) ordered manner? All these paid bills, notes, letters, contracts, insurance policies, dockets, paychecks, etc. etc. etc. And once in a while all you need is just to have one quick look at one of them, or, maybe hard copy of this paper. Usually, after a half-hour search, you locate the little nasty piece of paper between some yellowed ancient Christmas cards! Sounds familiar, yeah?

Finding a small detail in a almost-lost document is never a problem when you use Bind`n`find. With Bind`n`find you can immediately find any document by its name, description or tags (keywords). It is a very simple, yet powerful user interface which makes adding new document into your database simple, depending only on scanning speed of your scanner. With the enormous availability of scanner devices today, you surely have one near you now. If not, maybe consider buying one a cheap printer/scanner combos - and you now have a great chance to finally clean this paper mess. Don’t miss it!

Of course, we do not suggest you to throw originals out through the window after “digitizing” them. There arestill some rear cases, when you need to produce the original from that old leather portfolio.

Feed new documents to your scanner immediately after you get it on every day basis and don’t forget from time to time ask Bind`n`find to make a backup copy for you (e.g. on your disk-on-key or CDROM). You can now be sure that all your documents are safe and never will get lost even in case of disaster! It is more reliable than paper! And again, you easily can find any of your documents, sort them, print them, e-mail them, and give their pages meaningful names and many more options.

Beside all this, Bind`n`find is completely free! Download the latest version, turn your scanner on and start adding your priceless documents today!

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